WordPress Media Upload broken

An Update to WordPress core broke media upload on all my sites. The update was on 2019-10-14, but problems arised now, when november begun.


We use a special directory structure which is like this:

  • wp/
  • uploads/
  • wp-content/
  • index.html
  • wp-config.php

With this layout it’s possible for us to have the different parts in different places: wp is a clean, unmodified WordPress checkout, uploads contains all the media files and wp-content contains the code for the website.

With setting constants WP_SITEURL, WP_CONTENT_DIR, WP_CONTENT_URL, WP_PLUGIN_DIR and WP_PLUGIN_URL along with UPLOADs this worked fine. However:


was needed, because _wp_upload_dir() calculates the uploads-directory by appending UPLOADS to ABSURL – and ABSURL is in my wp-folder.


Recent Changes in WordPress Core forbid creating directories with “../” in their path. Uploading files works, but creation of the “2019/11/”-folder fails.